Saturday, 21 September 2013

On Safari! (Part One)

I have been enlisted to come up with some 'big cat markings' style charm beads, (Tiger and Leopard skin and the like) which got me going with the whole idea of safari animal in general inspired beads. 

This is very much 'work in progress' I have to do quite a bit more work on them, but can you see which ones are meant to be which animal?

Your choices are:


Answers on a postcard???

..and yes I know there are 7 beads and 6 animals; that's all part of the trick of the test. Or, (closer to the truth) is that the first attempt of one of them was so dire, I needed to have a go at it again!


OK here is a few little pictures to help you...
(not that I think you will need help, as obviously the beads are sooooo realistic!!)

Take care on the savannah safari, keep your hands inside the car at all times! xx

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